From the beginning, Studio Camporese has always posed the question:
“How can we continue to improve our work?”

To do this we have developed a quality system that meets the standards of service that meet the requirements of our most qualified customers. Today, thanks to a solid experience gained over many years of activity, the repair laboratory offers solutions for companies such as Acer Italy, Packard Bell and HewlettPackard Bell Italia, overcoming their periodic audits and interacting with their management systems.

Management software

Another element that has elevated the quality of the services offered by Studio Camporese is the Echidna management software.

What enabled this to happen was the desire to make the IT tool necessary for the technicians interact with all the other activities of the company.
Echidna is an indispensable work support, designed for consecutive processes: it presents itself as a homogeneous suite of individual applications, developed individually for different activities.
The identification card of a product under repair contains information on all the processing steps (technical and administrative) and the software allows the monitoring of all work processes by imposing the application of mandatory steps.


Questo sistema è una garanzia di efficienza e precisione anche per i clienti e i loro prodotti da riparare. Permette una gestione a serial number e barcode di ogni unità lavorata. Assicura pertanto la completa tracciabilità delle lavorazioni, dei guasti riscontrati, dei materiali sostituiti. Inoltre permette di estrapolare report con statistiche su interventi e casistiche di guasto.

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