Processing Steps

All the repair activities of electronic boards and various components are supported by our management software that allows the laboratory a serial number and barcode management of each processed product. Studio Camporese therefore offers its customers the traceability of the processes, of the faults found, of the replaced materials. It can also provide reports and statistics on interventions and types of faults found.

This is the standard processing procedure for a product under repair, explained step by step.

Logistics Department

Step 1 e Step 2 - Acceptance and registration

The product is associated with a barcode: the product and customer data are entered in the database.

Technical department

Step 3 - Operation test

The technical department performs a functional test to verify the declared fault.

Step 4 - Disassembly

Disassembly with replacement or repair of faulty boards.

Step 5A - Laboratory

Component level repair.

Step 5B - Spare parts warehouse

Through management with identifying barcode, the spare part is cataloged.

Step 6 - Testing and reassembly

The output product is tested and reassembled.

Logistics Department

Step 7 - Shipment

The product is cleaned, packed and packaged for shipping.

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