New Repair Line

Servicing and repair of old and last generation electronic equipment.


Servicing and repair of electronic boards in the eolic sector is one of the main activities of Studio Camporese. The laboratory deals with the repair of power boards (chopper boards, power supply boards), power supply boards …

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In an industrial photovoltaic system the solar trackers and control boards of inverters are among the most stressed components. For such elements, in addition to routine servicing along their normal lifecycle, we recommend the ..

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Water treatment

In a plant for the treatment of waste water control boards of UV rays lamps are among the most stressed components of the circuit. For these electronic cards Studio Camporese offers both servicing and repair.

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Studio Camporese

Operates with firms and brands which require:


Assistance for any kind of equipment and machines already installed.


Assistance for equipment and products sold and covered by guarantee.


Repair or restoration of old electronic cards (old generation ones).


Scheduled and extraordinary servicing of electronic components.

Company Mission

Studio Camporese for more than thirty years has been porposing services for repairing electronic cards with management software, components logistic warehouse repaired for the customer and movement flow reports.

The laboratory mainly turns to operators requiring a laboratory technical support for servicing and repairing of electronic components. Namely it suppors manufacturers, distibutors and servicing companies of the eolic, photovoltaic and water treatment sectors which require assistane for the following:

  • sold products and covered by guarantee,
  • machines being used or already installed equipment,
  • repair and restoration of old electronic cards (old generation).

Studio Camporese carried out with passion the repair of electronic cards and components, and this activity, as it is intended to reduce costs and electronic waste, is a useful job for people in term of reduction of environmental waste.

To restore expensive equipment and systems back to operation, which will continue to operate for a long time after a good servicing, generates money savings for compaies and avoid such companies to further build technoligical waste

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