Proceeding with the definition of the board manufacturing steps, one can identify faults and anomalies of boards to be repared, by sampling data obtained from samples of operating boards of the same model, release or part number.

Test A.S.A.

Data sampled and stored are compared in a test on cold circuit (Analog Signature Analisys).A.S.A. testing can be done with different types of electronic boards that use PLCCs, SOIC, PGA, SSOP, QFP and other components.

Huntron Protrack Prober II

Huntron Protrack Prober II systems allow execturing Analog Signature Analisys Testing to look for faults in a cold circuit.The use of these systems tests and stores a sample operating board as reference and allows studying boards with PLCCs, SOICs, PGA, SSOP, QFP and other components.Gathered data are used for reference to be compared with those of faulty boards.

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